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King Bongo

"An exotic portrait of sex, violence, corruption and conspiracy in Cuba."

-The Washington Post

"Big picture epic storytelling full of believable myth. Sanchez has taken the entire historical and cross-cultural immensity of (Havana) and telescoped it into an intricately twisted mystery."

-San Francisco Chronicle

A fevered dream of glamour, intrigue and corruption set in 1950's Havana. On New Year's Eve 1957, a terrorist bomb rips through Havana's famous Tropicana nightclub. King Bongo, a rogue Cuban American, tortured by a mysterious past and possessed of a mythic musical talent, goes on a hunt for the culprits, and for his sister, known as the Panther, Cuba's most exotic showgirl, who disappeared in the explosion.

Navigating Havana's maze of colonial backstreets, red-light districts, Chinatown alleys, swank country clubs and opulent casinos, Bongo becomes ensnared by other complicated and outrageous lives--American hit men plotting political assassination, decadent movie stars trolling with bait of teenage mistresses, prophetic shoeshine boys and hotel maids willing to sacrifice their lives for a social cause, a beautiful American socialite weaving a web of erotic intrigue--and, more dangerously, a Machiavellian secret police operative, with whom Bongo will have a final explosive showdown.

KING BONGO re-imagines a world of lush sensuality where Cuban and American cultures collide in a riveting drama of graphic power.