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Day of the Bees

"A mystery of the heart set in France of World War II, lush and haunting, the kind of historical sweep you can imagine being turned into a movie a la THE ENGLISH PATIENT. Its twists of plot are original and memorable. The passion is palpable. The portrayal of Provence is absolutely transporting."

-Philadelphia Inquirer

"Louise is mythic, earthy and erotic, sensual and female, an embodiment of her native Provence. (Her letters) have the dreamlike quality of an erotic fairy tale."

-The Washington Post Book World

DAY OF THE BEES celebrates passion and creativity as it explores the lives of a famous painter, Zermano, and his beautiful muse Louise during world War II. A novel of obsession, art, and war, it reveals the sacrifices made for love-of person and country.

An American art historian is seeking to discover why the painter abandoned Louise during the war. Visiting Provence after Louise's death, the scholar finds letters that piece together a tempestuous affair with startling revelations about her wartime experiences- her life threatening participation in the French Resistance, her perilous struggle to elude a sadistic officer, and her profound intimacy with a mystical beekeeper. Spanning a panoramic historical landscape of fifty years, from America, to France, to Spain, DAY OF THE BEES is a haunting and lyrical portrait of the complex emotional chasms that can separate even the greatest of loves.