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Day of the Bees

"The power of the novel lies in Louise, cut loose in a land at war. Louise is mythic...earthy and erotic, sensual...and much an embodiment of her native Provence as the scent of rosemary and lavender rising from the hills...Her letters...have the dreamlike quality of an erotic fairytale."

--Washington Post Book World

"...the perfect scenario...deeply romantic...and elegantly written."

--The Times (London)

"...dark secrets tumble forth...nothing less than a confrontation between good and endorses the notion of undying love."

--The Baltimore Sun

"[Sanchez] entices the reader to partake in literary voyeurism of the highest order...under Sanchez's pen, sensuality and eroticism lend themselves to prose poetry, communicating that trembling urgency that two lovers feel...Sanchez's real skill is to delve fearlessly into those searching, anxious moments between lovers...the bodies that thrash and pull...have very human and frail souls..."

--Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

"Energy and excitement...Louise is a compound of blood, earth, sun, lavender, oil and honey--not to mention the debate between art and nature."

--Mail On Sunday, London

"...a novel of sweeping grandeur...will haunt readers long after they have put the book aside-and many will not want to do so until they have read every single page at a single sitting."

--Magazine, LA

"Sanchez's most intimate work...the story unfolds largely through letters, which are beautiful, courageous, combative...carnal."


"Sanchez tackles the grand, sweeping themes of literature: war, love, loss and redemption. His hands remain steady, calling forth a powerful story and well-defined characters..."

"DAY OF THE BEES...a moving experience...The book is one you will place on your shelf next to ANNA KARENINA and CHLOE. It's one of those marvels you will pick up again and again. Luscious...profound...a resonant story of large dreams and feelings offered up in a cynical world. The force of the novel lies in the fusion of elegant prose with an uncanny penetration into the darker reaches of the soul."